Mission: Under The Radar

A powerful rival spy syndicate has become distracted with an internal power struggle which threatens to tear it apart. While their focus is temporarily on other matters, your bosses are sending you into the heart of their stronghold, Sopot, to carry out a series of high priority surveillance tasks. They’re sending you under the radar.

Time is limited and the clock is ticking. Will you manage to get everything done in time?

Location:Sopot (town centre)
Mission:To infiltrate enemy territory & conduct a series of high priority surveillance tasks.
Time limit:120 mins
No. of people:Min. 2 paying players
Up to 6 per team
Price:60 PLN /person
Kids under 10 play free

To book, simply choose the date and time you want to play, and the number of people who will play. Fill in your contact details and send: