Mission: No Way Out

Yesterday your travel documents were stolen from your hotel, this morning your colleague was snatched off the street in broad daylight. It seems your enemies have finally caught up with you. With time & places to hide fast running out, you offer your services to one of several underground spy factions fighting for control of Warsaw. They can’t protect you for long, but they can organise new travel documents & identities to help you disappear… if the price is right.

Can you seize this final chance and escape from under the noses of your enemies?

Location:Warsaw Old Town
Mission:To complete various tasks and earn enough money to pay for new identities
Time limit:120 mins
No. of people:Min. 2 paying players
Up to 6 per team
Price:60 PLN per person
Kids under 10 play free

To book, simply choose the date and time you want to play, and the number of people who will play. Fill in your contact details and send: