Operation Mindfall

Augmented Reality Game (i.e. tablet-based)

A secret organisation has gained access to a mind control virus developed by the US army & is attempting to take over the world by infecting drinking water systems with it. Gdansk is currently under attack but thankfully all is not lost – the creator of the virus left clues to help make the antidote. 

Are you the right people to track down the antidote and save the world?

Location:Gdansk Old Town
Mission:Using a tablet & high tech kit, to work out the antidote to a dangerous mind control virus.
Time limit:150 mins
No. of people:4-7 per team
Up to 20 teams
Price:125 PLN per person

To book, simply choose the date and time you want to play, and the number of people who will play. Fill in your contact details and send: