The incredible exploits of Witold Pilecki

When it comes to “super spies”, look no further than Witold Pilecki- one of Poland’s most celebrated national heros.

Having already fought against the invading Nazi and Soviet armies in 1939, he volunteered to enter the Auschwitz Death Camp. The purpose? To gather and communicate information on conditions inside the camp to the outside world (achieved in no small part by setting up a secret radio station), and also to organise resistance & boost morale among the prisoners. It was no suicide mission, though, and after 2.5 years inside the camp he broke out.

As if this wasn’t enough, he then made his way to Warsaw where he organised/participated in the doomed Warsaw Uprising of August 1944, which he also survived. He was deemed to be such a dangerous intelligence figure by the country’s post-war Soviet authorities that he was arrested, tortured (although he gave up no information) and finally executed.

For his full incredible story in his own words, we strongly recommend reading The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery.

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