Intrigued, eh? Well here's a full list of the different games which we offer at the moment- if you want to read more about a particular game or book it just click on it. We'll also be adding more cities and games in the very near future so come back and check us out from time to time:

Lockdown, Gdansk >>>

With public unrest mounting within the city, the authorities have blocked all entry/exit routes and are imposing a media blackout. They're also tracking down "troublemakers" including foreign agents like you! Help is at hand but you'll need to earn it. Think you can manage that?

Under The Radar, Sopot >>>

A rival spy syndicate is experiencing some difficulties and its the perfect opportunity to get some of our people into their unguarded stronghold city and conduct some high priority surveillance work. Are you the right agents for the job?

No Way Out, Warsaw >>>

Your enemies have you cornered and are closing in. As a last throw of the dice, you turn to a local intelligence agency - they can sort out new travel documents for you but only if the price is right. Will you be able to seize this final chance?

Mindfall, Gdansk >>>

A dangerous mind control virus is being unleashed on the world and, while it seems that an antidote exists, time is running out to find it. Are you able to follow the trail of clues left by the creator & save the day?