Mission: Lockdown

Public unrest is growing on the streets of Gdansk and the authorities have put the city into lockdown to prevent it from spreading further. Only authorised personnel can leave the city but, being foreign agents, you desperately need to find a way out before they come for you. An anonymous intel syndicate agrees to help but only if you help them first.

Can you prove your worth to them and earn your ticket out?

Location:Gdansk Old Town
Mission:To complete as many tasks at as many different "intel sites" as possible within the allotted time.
Language:ENGLISH or
Time limit:120 mins
No. of people:Min: 2 paying players
Max: No limit
Up to 6 per team
We ask all players to adhere to SOCIAL DISTANCING rules
Special Price:50 PLN /person (-17%)
Kids under 10 play free
All game materials are DISINFECTED before use

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