A little bit of owl-based fun…

You may or may not have noticed on social media that we have a new recruit in our ranks, Owlface – yes, that’s him in the photo 😀 Now our fluffy, beaked colleague is a changeover specialist (mainly, it has to be said, on account of his size!) and he’ll be hanging out around the Old Town in GdaƄsk, waiting to “pass the parcel” to some foreign bird agent.

Every Friday, we’ll be posting a new pic of him on our Facebook page and we’ll be asking YOU to work out exactly where he is. To get involved:

  1. Go and like/follow our FB page
  2. Keep an eye out for the pics
  3. If you think you know where he is, just post below- easy!

The first few will be purely for fun but we’ll probably start offering PRIZES at some point so stay tuned. The first one is already up so head over, check it out and get guessing.



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